Port Hotel


a:  a small fashionable hotel
    b:  a small hotel within a large department store
a: a small hotel that offers highly specialized
services or products

Boutique, a small fashionable shop that offers highly specialized services or products. If boutiques are sold as a fashion, can it be said that boutique themselves are a trend such as our latest fashions? Perhaps so, though the services or goods offered are not inherently “boutique”, the practice of the individuals who occupy the space are what fashion such spaces/goods as boutique.                                                                    
If boutiques are inevitably a fashion trend, does it make sense to perceive and design a product through static form? Challenging the brief and the peculiar request for a “boutique hotel”, this design will set precedent as to what it means to understand a space as boutique. The product is not final for its form is responsive to conditions set by contemporary trends within the context of the site. The form may contrast the current built environment but its ability to adapt with desires of the site will complement the desires of prospective developers in their pursuits to densify Green Street student housing.  The modules are seen as transient spaces meeting consumer needs what can be docked using the telescopic lift mounted upon the room. 



Project Location

212 E Green St, Champaign, IL 61820