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Obscured Omniscience

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In the pursuit of a transparent reality, one must forfeit the right to rationalize what they perceive, comprehend and deem as truth in reality. A transparent reality is not far removed from the reality we experience, but an isolated moment that the creator designs as a catalyst to evoke interpretation of “a moment” for the voyeur. In an attempt to access this realm, the device is designed to remove the operator’s [user’s] sense of space and pays no respect or regard for spatial awareness through the flattening of depth and perspective. Based on the formal aesthetics of a telescope, the device is in fact used for “seeing” but not through magnification in seeking fidelity but through a search for ambiguity defined by the distortion and blurring of spatial depth. With all sense of space and depth removed or distorted, the generation of a 2D image on a receiving surface in the device presents the vast field of sight in one digestible image. This desire to distort depth is a statement on perception and the power of sight as a sense that informs and communicates spatial readings/awareness. The isolation of sight as a constant variable can be used to measure the tolerance for interpretation of image. Designed in a way that prescribes a creature like quality to its stature, Obscured Omniscience manifests itself as an omniscient being with the ability to see and interpret. Through an intentional rejection of various senses by solely capturing image with no recording of touch, sound, etc. This mediation results in a 2D image that is output by the device. The clear and explicit depiction of depth consolidated in a 2D image allows for a controlled viewing, a constant variable. This biased intervention of sight creates a beauty from the naive, a reality lacking certainty, offering lost in the muse of ambiguity and contradictory dimension.

In totality, Obscured Omniscience features six tubes that mediate viewer’s visual perception through analog means and optical effects. The tubes take in light and manipulate it; light enters as X and and is output as X’, X’ can be viewed by the user through a series of designated apertures in the tubes. Depending on the intent of deployment, Obscured Omniscience can be rigged to capture X’ through a series of 2D images and videos. The 12” tube houses a camera obscura that can be performed and will thus output an inverted “light impression” that may be recorded in photogram form. In some way, the ambiguous images can be read as rorschach images, demanding of various readings and interpretations. The 8” tube is a kaleidoscope that blurs the environment beyond the devices aperture, neglecting to acknowledge the concept of horizon and orientation through the mosaic layering of triangulated viewports. The 4” tubes are a compilation of visual filters.