Above is a submission board for a competition requesting a design for the Museum of the Ancient Nile [MoAN].

Concept and design completed with Drew Smith. I am currently in the process of editing the contemporary [West] Wing. The current design does not met specific requirements and spacial program demands. West wing will soon feature a redefined procession into the common space, two A/V rooms, Media Room, Auditorium and a rooftop restaurant. 

Model in process of being built, the adjustment of the plan interfered with schedule [ Edited: 12/27/2017]

Concept and Text will remain the same. 


Text on board reads as the following 

"for each life, an afterlife exists, each morning the sun is born, and each evening it dies, sun setting fire across the currents of the river nile."
"…against the gods, we stand no chance. we must respect hapi and pay homage to the sacred nile; sacrifices are made to please and offer respect to the nile, our intentions and forms are pure, these forms offer sublime scale that stand proud amongst the pyramids and tombs. mythically, our design pulls from the pylons of the sacred temples, the nile flows through the processional, as if it enters its respective resting place. we have understood the museum of the ancient nile to be a resting place of the historical past and the birth of contemporary culture in the region. with respect to the east and west, the facades of the museum wings are designed to reflect sunrise and sunset. sunset represents the afterlife of past times, and sunrise addresses the promise and potential of times not yet lived. visitors will travel north of edfu and park adjacent to the wing at the northern most tip of island sabha. Greeted with an entrance pulling from the buildings central axis and rows of regional vegetation, visitors are welcomed to the museum, inside they find contemporary pieces and exhibitions of engaging media. to experience the east [ancient collection] wing, visitors will board a guided tour boat and sail across the nile to the east wings port, an encompassing experience, both intimate and atmospheric. It is here that we become subordinate to the beauty of the nile, the force of the breeze and the sound of the current take you, you feel lost, but are shortly anchored by the sight of the wing, a compliment to the nile. The museum of the ancient nile. "